Bakon (Bacon-flavored Vodka)

Bakon is a brand of bacon-flavored vodka that caters to the small segment of the US population that has always thought, "Bacon is great...but it would be even better if I didn't have to chew it. And if it was 80 proof."

We are pretty sure that this is exactly how it is made.

Just The Facts

  1. Bakon is produced by Black Rock Spirits Company.
  2. Bakon tastes pretty much like bacon.
  3. Unfortunately, it tastes like uncooked bacon rather than crispy delicious bacon.

Bacon-flavored Vodka

If you have every been on the internet for more than 45 seconds, you are aware that bacon is awesome. You are also aware that everything on earth is improved 100-fold by adding bacon to it. Breakfast, burgers, grilled cheese, pizza, chocolate, and even ice cream taste great with a little help from bacon. However, Bakon is the exception to this rule: vodka, it turns out, does not benefit from the addition of bacon.

Bakon brand vodka does taste like bacon mixed with vodka. It is smoky and savory like bacon, albeit a little bit raw-smelling. If you have ever eaten a piece of bacon and thought to yourself, "Boy, I wish bacon came in a liquid form", then this is the drink for you. If meaty, salty, smoky liquids disturb you, Bakon may not be your vodka of choice.

Cocktails and Other Applications

Bakon is distilled from Idaho potatoes, and then flavored with a blend of both natural and artificial ingredients. The makers of Bakon say that their product can be used to make cocktails such as the bloody mary and a bacon-chocolate martini. Other recipes include Bakon L'Orange and and the Hawaiian Luau. Allegedly, you can also use Bakon as a marinade for steaks.