In general, there are two types of psychics: those that believe they have an ability (but do not) and those that know they do not have an ability (but pretend like they do). The latter is usually the more dangerous.

Just The Facts

  1. After a multitude of scientific experiments, evidence shows psychic powers to be completely fictional.
  2. If certain individuals actually had psychic powers, they would rule the world.
  3. Scientists would love if someone showed evidence of psychic abilities: it would open up new fields in physics, neurology, cellular biology, and human rights violations.

Belief in Psychic Abilities

A poll conducted in 2005 showed that almost a third of people believe in telepathy or psychic communication, but thankfully only a quarter believed someone can see the future. This data could be taken discouragingly by both psychics and skeptics. If you're a psychic, this means that most people think you are a lying sack of shit. If you're a rational human, this means that one of your bosses might take their horoscope seriously and fire you because you're an Aries.

Not surprisingly, neurologists, the people who know the most about the brain (supposedly where all this psychic stuff is taking place), are the least likely group to believe in psychic abilities.

"Yup, there's the telepathoidic lobe, right under the spoon-bending cortex."

Of course, believing in psychic abilities doesn't make you stupid, just very trusting and easy to impress. You know when you were a kid and that creepy great-uncle would pull nickels out of your ear, and you weren't sure how to explain it? You knew it was probably a trick, but part of you thought you actually had a supply of small change in your head. Heck, some kids these days are almost teenagers before they stop believing in Santa Claus. It's not because they're stupid, they just trust their parents and like getting presents.

Yeah, the beard looks totally fake, but he gave me a PS3, so he must be real!

Unfortunately, there's not much you can do to change someone's mind on a belief in psychics. Those that believe it will not be swayed by scientific study after scientific study that find absolutely no evidence of any psychic-related powers, because hey, they believe in psychics.

Those that don't believe in psychics won't be impressed by anything a psychic can do, nor will listen to anecdotal evidence (which is the only evidence that exists) of their predictive, mind-reading, or remote-sensing feats. Especially when people who say they don't have psychic abilities can do the exact same things using logic, reason, and science.