Great American softdrink, synonymous with Apple pie, Baseball, and snobby high-paid executives - wait. Which kind of coke are we talking about...?


Both bring about happy feelings, and a need to buy more, more, MORE!

But turning you into a slim, hot, asian chick? Only Coca-Cola wins this one!

Just The Facts

  1. Coca-Cola hit the (limited, at the time) market in 1886 as a non-alcoholic alternative to French Wine Cocoa.
  2. "Come on, all your friends are doing it..." Was a popular ad-phrase, until the formula was changed to de-cocaine-nated in 1903.
  3. Only two people in the WHOLE world know the formula, and each only half. In case any assassinations are planned.

Coca-Cola - The World's Favorite Softdrink.

Unless you've been living in a non-drug induced haze your whole life, you've probably at least heard of, seen, or bathed in this little slice of packaged acid. The first carbonated beverage was created during the prohibition to rival sales of a popular french wine cola. Wait, what? A non-alcoholic drink to out-sell an actual, drool-on-yourself, punch-the-dog, mommy hides it in the toilet tank, REAL man's drink?? That's right. created the prototype formula, a