Plus Size Models

A woman's attractiveness is a matter of opinion and cannot be right or wrong. When placed side by side, most men perfer plus-sized models compared to twiggy models. Does this make our chunky women superior? The battle wages on...

Would you rather have ravenous monkey sex with this girl...

...or this girl?

Admit it; you have a boner just looking at them.

Just The Facts

  1. Eyyy big booty big booty big booty...
  2. Unlike underweight models, full-figured models have boobs and butts.
  3. Most men perfer more "meat" on their women.
  4. If you date a plus-sized model, you may want to watch your food pantry.
  5. If you don't, prepare to pay a higher grocery bill.

Women of curves past, rejoice!

"Hear ye, round women! You are no longer abolished by the crude laws of manly dating. Bask in the glory that is yours, almighty goddess of all that is sexy and food-related. From now on, you are our Queen."

At least, that's the message that Peter Paul Reubens was trying to get across in his art. And for a majority of history, this principle worked

Cellulite and pale skin; sounds like my type of woman.

In 16th century Europe, a woman with a "curvacious figure" was most desired by a suitor for two reasons. A full figure meant that a family was wealthy enough to feed themselves properly and then some, which was an attractive feature for a husband-to-be. Also, a full figure meant that she hadn't been wiped out by the Plague.