The popularity of MMORPGS is at the highest it has ever been.

Just The Facts

  1. There are over 25 million people playing MMORPGs in the world right now. If you put these players in a line across Africa, it would cause some serious lag.
  2. In 2009 the global financial crisis hit MMORPGs hard with a man paying only $330,000 (that's real-life dollars) for a virtual space station in MMORPG Entropia Universe.
  3. You're either Horde or Alliance, or have no idea what that means.

So you're new to an MMO universe. Here's what to do.

When you think of the characters and environments you find in MMOs, you would think that everything is going to be sensible and predictable. A dwarf with an axe and thick beard, for example, you would expect to walk around smashing things in a grumpy manner. But what if that dwarf suddenly started doing the moonwalk or thrusting his pelvis? Why, it would be outrageous and would never get unfunny or old, even if every single new player did it repeatedly.

Why do people do this?
- They think they've discovered something the players around them don't know about. They think the other players are thinking: 'Wow! That elf is dancing like Napolean Dynamite! How did they do that? They are amazing!'
- They are trying to get other players to do the same so they can simulate the experience of social interaction.
Dancing troll?

Forget about full immersion and role playing. Look at how wacky Glungor is!

- They have given up on learning the complicated HP and leveling system and are looking for some entertainment before closing the game and never coming back.

And, the most unforgiveable reason of all.
- They are playing dance MMO Audition Online.

audtion online

Sit in stupid places

People don't usually search specifically for the 'sit' function in an MMO. It's something they discover accidentally when learning the controls. Perhaps they will be in the middle of a melee with a level-1 mushroom or trying to say 'ASL?' to a hot elf/witch/dragon and suddenly they will press the wrong button and sit. The ridiculousness of the situation will make them laugh. Later they will find somewhere silly to sit, like in a fountain or on a table.

Why do people do this?

- Only in an MMO universe can you be all like 'What? I'm just sitting here.' The player thinks everybody is walking past laughing at where they're sitting, but really nobody cares what they're doing (unless they're a hot elf/witch/dragon).
- They are sitting in front of another player, trying to make it look like oral sex is happening.

And, the most unforgiveable reason of all.
- They are in first person view trying to see under a loin cloth.
view of loin cloth