Yorkshire. It's a county in England. That's like a state, but smaller, with more farmers.

They've been planning this for years!

Just The Facts

  1. Yorkshire is in Northern England, just below Scotland. No, Scotland isn't part of England.
  2. It's the largest county in the country
  3. There are sheep there. Lots of sheep. And pigs.

Let's start from the beginning...

Okay, maybe it was harsh to say there are lots of sheep in Yorkshire. Let's face it, there's lots of sheep all over England, they aren't all herding towards Leeds. There have been great things that originated in Yorkshire, such as Julian Barrett (The Mighty Boosh), Yorkshire Puddings and the "Every Sperm Is Sacred" scene from Monty Pythons Meaning of Life (Which starred Michael Palin, who was born in Sheffield, South Yorkshire).

Those crazy Catholics, eh? With there dancing, and talk of sperm!

Yorkshire originated way back when in the year 8000BC. We say originated, it was there already, but scientists reckon the earliest evidence of human life goes back 10,000 years. Obvious really, that's where they filmed Last Of The Summer Wine, and that went on for fucking ever (if you haven't heard of Last Of The Summer Wine, we implore you to pat yourself on the back and not look it up). Traditional Yorkshire attire consists of a shirt, tie, waistcoat, a pair of trousers, long socks, and a flat cap. Oh, and you have to say "Ay up!" to everyone you meet. That's Yorkshireman for "Good morning my fine fellow, isn't it a splendid day we're having?"

They also enjoy talking about precipitation

Worth visiting?

Absolutely, if only for the conversation. Yorkshire people are famed for their accent, which is very difficult to describe here, in text (you try!). So, here's a helpful video from Graham Chapman, John Cleese, Marty Feldman and Tim Brooke-Taylor entitled The Four Yorkshiremen.