Skittles are so amazing they can make commercials like this and people will still buy the product.

One wonders what else that beard does for him.

Just The Facts

  1. Skittles were made in 1973 by some English company and are now produced and marketed by Mars Inc.
  2. They come in a variety of fruity-licious flavors. And also chocolate, which is fucking gross.
  3. The mastermind behind the Skittles commercials has very disturbing dreams.

Cracked on Skittles

Skittles are widely known for their bright packaging, rainbow candies and terrifying commercials.

Most candies can't get away with about ten thousand different flavors, but Skittles has managed to keep its candy addicting and delicious.

  1. The original package contains standard flavors such as Lime, Orange, Grape and Strawberry. Its like eating fruit thats unhealthy for you. Which we're okay with.
  2. The second most popular kind is Wild Berry. It has standard berry flavors such as Rasberry and Wild Cherry, also Strawberry which is pink instead of red this time. Confusing, but whatever. Then they have the flavors Berry Punch and Melon Berry. How exactly does Punch and Melons qualify as berries again?
  3. Next comes Tropical Skittles. Its like a Hawaiian vacation for your taste buds. The only thing missing is coconut bras and little umbrellas in crazy looking cups.

There are many others like Smoothie, Sour and Carnival Flavor, but if we kept going it would be annoying and pointless.