Denim Jackets

In 1873, a man by the name of Levi Strauss said to himself, "You know what? These jeans make my ass look great! I wonder what'll happen if I put them on my torso?" The rest is history.

Just The Facts

  1. Oh, you think denim jackets are silly?
  2. Ok, hold on while I put mine on.
  3. ...
  4. ...
  5. Yea, bet it's hard to read this now that you're unconscious.

A brief history of the denim jacket.

From the Hell's Angels, to Ralph Macchio, the jean jacket has been the outer wear of choice for those most willing to ass kick. Coupled with a great moustache and a pair of rawhide cowboy boots, this manly cocktail has been known to wipe out entire pool halls, abandoned factories, and strip clubs of nameless goons the world over. To wear a denim jacket is to know what total control is. The concept of this amazing piece of apparel was that any man could wear it and proceed to eat dreams and shit nightmares, but once donned, the jacket would cause "denimentia," a malfunction within the brain that triggers sudden bursts of face punching, shootouts, and bull riding. Thus, the denim jacket was shunned by the American people and seen as more of a danger to the user than an extension of attitude. Today's modern fashion moguls have since denounced the denim jacket as a disconcerting trend reserved specifically for rednecks, bikers, and girls that are WAY too into horses, but yet it still holds true as the once proud iron flag of the American renegade.


Here is a gallery of the biggest badasses sporting the only material capable of sustaining their high levels of testosterone.