Space. The final frontier. It's that really big black thing up in the sky. No, not Magic Johnson, that other thing. With the little white spots everywhere. See it? Yeah, you got it. Freakin' huge, dude.

I can see how you might make that mistake.

This, however awesome, is still not space.

Just The Facts

  1. Space is bigger than your mom. Suprisingly
  2. We live there
  3. Girls tend to think the earth is roughly the same size as the sun
  4. We live in a solar system, which is one of billions in a galaxy
  5. There are billions of those galaxy things
  6. And that makes up the Universe! Yay!!!!

Awesome Things From Outer Space

Black Holes

This is not a reference to tossing your mom's salad. Not that I would want to do that. Or have done that. I promise. Really! I swear. I mean, she asked me to, but thats a different story. Black holes are what make space science people cum all over their pants.

And those sweet ass panties. Anyway, Black Holes kind of don't add up. Everyone who didn't spend their first day of physics picking their nose knows that "Matter can neither be created or Destroyed." Well, Black Holes had a chat with physics one day and decided to formally end their relationship. It wasn't a terrible break up or anything, but be happy you weren't there to see it. Otherwise you might look like this.

Which would suck. Ya'know, being blue and all. God knows we hate those colored people. (Ha! I promised myself I wouldn't do it, but whaddyaknow, racism got me again!) But back to raping physics' in its own deep hole, black holes effectively absorb EVERYTHING, including light. Seriously though, it's worse than your old roommate. Throw anything at it, 19 dozen pizza's for example. Gone. A fucking SUN. Gone. Our FUCKING GALAXY is really just a clusterfuck of suns waiting to be eaten by a SUPERMASSIVE black hole. Thats what they're circling around, their imminent doom.

Dude, save some stars for other black holes. Fuggin dick.

Other Awesome Things From Outer Space


We've all seen at least one Alien flick. Except Alien 3, fuck that shit. We all know that there are only 2 types of aliens. Those little grey dudes that have sort of become a symbol, probably due to shows like the X-Files. These little guys are apparently clever little bastards who like peeking into old men's windows.

This image, which is part of a video, sparked a huge debate in the UFO/Alien community (because everywhere you look, people are retarted). Its actually pretty amusing, a little alien head popping up and down from behind a window. Maybe feed it some candy and play catch. Then go on a bike ride!

The other type of aliens are Reptillians, which I'm not even going to get into. But if you decide to check out some videos of people talking about this, prepare to be stunned. By stupidity. Bring a 40 and some friends, I promise you'll be amused.


yea dude. its mad big. we should seriously get on that shit.

I mean, this period, . , represents our solar system, which we have just started to explore. The universe is roughly the size of our ACTUAL solar system in comparison.


get on dat shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit