A Girl's Classification Of Men

Okay, so a lot of guys I know have been asking me what girls consider "hot" in their guys. I have put together a little classification guide to show boys what we think... just see what your favorite activities are to find out which category you are.

Just The Facts

  1. Punks/Skaters/Goths
  2. Jocks
  3. Socialites(Rich kids)/Romantics
  4. Artists/Actors
  5. Sci-Fi/Gamer guys
  6. Stoners
  7. Band-Gods
  8. Corner Crashers
  9. Army Hotties
  10. Manwhores


What you have going for you: The Bad-Boy look.... Totally hot! Every girl has a secret fantasy in which she can let loose and run wild with a totally hot guy who tests her limits and lets her be whoever she wants to. She'll love you for your laid-back personality and sense of adventure and danger.

What to look out for: Be careful not to push anything on her, and not to be overly expectant... Girls want to be able to spend time with their girls too, so don't be offended if she chooses a sleepover party over a party with your friends once in awhile. Also, the punk and goth looks can be a little intimidating at times... be sure not to seem pushy when asking a girl out.


From Hockey to Football, Volleyball to Basketball, you guys are all about the sports. Heres some tips to help you with the world of women :)

What you have going for you: You have that sporty, muscled and challenging air to you, making the ladies swoon... you may not be the tough guys of the school but you are definetly up there on the social scale. The jocks tend to throw the biggest parties, and get into the biggest fights, the latter not always impressive mind you...

What to look out for: Confidence is awesome, but being overly confident to the point of becoming an ego-maniac with the "I'm all that" mindset is going to get you nowhere. Try toning down the slaps on the back from your buddies and show your girl your sensitive side as well as the protective side.

Socialites(Rich kids)/Romantics

Money is great, because diamonds are a girl's best friend right? Nope. A girl would rather have a thoughtful, kind and sensitive boyfriend than one who showers her in expensive gifts.

What you have going for you: Your money and good looks are great, but you are also kindhearted, and a little bit shy at times. The ladies will see that sensitive guy underneath all the glamour and appreciate him all the better.

What to look out for: Don't be overly cocky... thats the problem we girls tend to find with guys of higher social status. Just don't be an ass is all we're asking :P


A man with a high level of sensitivity and connections to the world of drama and poetry is definetly a good match for a shy and underestimated girl.

What you have going for you: You definetly have the caring, understanding and presentation down-pat. This is awesome, especially since the theatre/art boys are the best cuddlers :) Any man with an appreciation of fine literature, art (in any form i.e: painting, poetic, physical...) and drama is a good match for any girl, but most specifically the ones who are afraid to stand out from the rest.

What to look out for: Girls are dramatic by nature, and a guy who overloads a girl with his own drama can quickly become a handful. Also refrain from being clingy... just give your woman some space from time to time.

Sci-Fi/Gamer guys

What you have going for you: Your smarts. Definetly a big one here. Guys who are into Science-Fiction and the world of MMORPG's tend to be smart, sophisticated and know how to pack a punch to WOW's craziest Orcs. You are very polite and laid-back when it comes to girls, often afraid to approach a girl for fear of rejection, but you definetly shouldn't be...

What to look out for: A large stock of information can drive you to be a little "know-it-all-ish" at times, so try your best not to overload anyone with a subject they know nothing about. Try giving your info slowly and allow your girl to understand what you're talking about (and explain anything they don't understand) and to process the information. The only problem we found around guys like you is that you just move too fast. :)


What you have going for you: Guys, some girls may say its cool, but really you have nothing going for you if you're loading your body with all sorts of disgusting substances.

What to look out for: Most girls can't handle the stress of a relationship with a guy who's high all the time. She won't know if what you're saying is you or the drugs talking. So lay them off and maybe you'll have better luck with women.


Rock on Dude! :P

What you have going for you: Any guy who can project his feelings and emotion through music is truly awesome. The guy who would serenade his girl (sing to her) makes it even better. Music is one of the best ways to reach another person, and most guys who play music have this covered.

What to look out for: Not much, just don't be pushy, and don't complain if your girl doesn't want to hang around to hear the band practise... cause lets face it, sometimes, your music isnt all that great... until you work on it that is :P Keep up the good work guys.

Corner Crashers

Sit by yourself all the time, and feel like no one can see you? Get out there more!

What you have going for you: On the inside, you may be a caring, sensitive guy who any girl would be lucky to have... But if you spend all your time alone, who's going to notice?

What to look out for: Just interact more with people, get your confidence up by making friends and getting into the crowd instead of just wishing you were part of the bigger picture...

Army Hotties

None of us girls can really justify this with a rational explanation... Being in the army just basically makes you a hottie...

What you have going for you: The tough guy and protective dominatrix shows through more than anything in this type of guy, making a girl feel safe and protected when you're around. Show her your sensitive side too, because having both a safe and sweet guy is a perfect combination.

What to look out for: Don't be agressive or abusive. Just because you have the strength doesn't mean you should use it. Make your girl feel safe, not scared.


As girls we think this is the lowest type of guy you can be...

What you have going for you: Sure you have experience with the women...

What to look out for: Just cause you have girls that want to be with you doesn't mean that you should try them out then dump them when you feel like it so you can move on to the next girl in line... Just think about the girl for a minute...