10 Sad Human Behaviors That Society Has Grown Used To

Sad human behaviors are all relative. And we really hope none of these guys are your relatives.

Yeah. Right

Just The Facts

  1. Sad behaviour is anything you do not approve of.
  2. Like Rule 34, you will find examples all over the net.
  3. You sad bastard.


Squeaking in at number 10 is obsessiveness. We accept it now, normally with the phrase "whatever works for you, mate." But it is a pernicious behavior we should not tolerate.

Your mate is into a game? Fine - no problem.

He spends his time blowing off work and what little social life he has to level up? A warning sign, be aware he may need help. And not with a PUG.

Your mate dresses up as their favorite character at home or for conventions? A little on the creepy side, yeah, but, hey - no harm, no foul.

Your mate can't have sex unless she is dressed as his favorite character? Time for either an intervention or a biohazard unit.

Or a 3 way...


At number 9, we have desensitization. Or sociopathy, as it used to be called.




Conspicuous Consumption


Do you know what the hardest thing about writing for Cracked is, as a non-columnist? It is not the research. It is not the stringing words together in some sensible arrangement. It is not even the excessive use of words like retarded, dicks, batshit and Sarah Palin.

It is the fact that the authors must not use the word I. Try it. If you are half way normal, it is difficult.



Educational Diagnosis