Band Of Brothers

---THIS TOPIC PAGE IS UNDER CONSTRUCTION, SO BEAR WITH ME--- Band of Brothers is a HBO miniseries that follows a group of American Airborne troops, Easy Company through D-Day all the way to VE Day.

Yay for badass poses!

Just The Facts

  1. Band of Brothers proves that the production careers of Steven Speilberg and Tom Hanks are not, in fact, lying face down in a shallow ditch.
  2. Band of Brothers also shows that slaughtering hordes of German soldiers is awesome. Also there was some "horrors of war" stuff HOLY SHIT HE JUST STABBED A NAZI IN THE FACE
  3. There is a companion series imaginatively called "The Pacific" which follows the war in, you guessed it, the pacific.
  4. Currahee!

Cracked on Band of Brothers

Band of Brothers was first dreamt up after blood from a fake leg prop in saving private ryan highlighted a passage from Shakespeare that contained the words "Band of Brothers" and some reference to a boring war without nazi's. The lack of Nazi's was addressed by inserting the paratroopers into war torn france, and injecting about 1800 metric tons of badass into every character on the show (Except Blithe, we hate that pussy).