Blake Lively

Blake Lively is that blonde girl from that show your girlfriend makes you watch. If she is however that blonde girl from that show you LOVE to watch, please turn in your man card.

We'll learn about this soon

I'll give you a reason to see this movie. Just wait.

Just The Facts

  1. There are not bad pictures of her. It is literally impossible for the universe to produce anything but flawless images of her
  2. Her entire family in in the show biz, her mom's a freaking talent manager
  3. She 5'10", Blonde. Nuff Said

Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants

She is so hot, so entirely smoldering that she doesn't need experience, or education to make it in the acting world. It's probably no coincidence that her first gig was when she was 11, and she didn't get another one til she was 18, and more "mature."

"When auditioning for The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, she walked in and gave them nothing but her photo, since she had never done anything before that, they all thought she was joking but when she left the room, they knew that she was definitely the Bridget they wanted." Her IMDb page

The number one reason to see this movie is for Blake. Imagine this: Blake Lively. Running on the Beach. Wearing a wet, form-fitting t-shirt and short shorts.

Post beach running scene. Try to bock that dude out of the picture.

Post "running on the beach scene"

Gossip Girl

It's this show, with rich people, and what they do. You know, rich people stuff.

If the executives at whatever network it's on want to attract some male viewers, I have one suggestion for them: Blair and Serena become lesbians. Hey, we'll take a threesome too. It's not like they haven't done that before. Hell, that's what sweeps week is for. How about every year Blair and Serena get down and dirty with one another, like an anniversary or something. All other times they can be straight. You know, to fuel our fantasies.

Hey, you might even attract some of them lesbian viewers.

Her Lesbian Scene

So, there's this little known indie film she's in. It's called "The Secret Lives of Pippa Lee." I'll wait while you go look it up. There's a link below if you're lazy.

So basically young Pippa Lee (Blake Lively) runs away from home to go live with her lesbian aunts. She's then bound up by the one she's not blood related to (I'm hoping) and told to "purr." Oh, I forgot, her aunts are totally into that S&M scene. Don't get your hopes up though, the aunt is Julianne Moore. Take that as you will.

Warning: Don't watch the rest of that film unless you're into old people dating young people. I'm talking Robin Wright (the girl from Forrest Gump) and Alan Arkin (the grandpa from Little Miss Sunshine)

The Bad News

She has a boyfriend.

This guy. He's a tool

To forget about that boyfriend detail...

Some pictures. And proof that there really are no bad ones.

Here she is eating. Still hot.

Here she is leaning. Still hot.

Talking on the phone. Still hot.

Standing next to an ugly guy. Still hot.

Get the idea?

Good, here's your reward.

You're welcome.