Flying Cars

For years we have dreamed of flying... in cars . However we haven't gotten to it yet , well my first topic lets make you loners( who probably live with your mother in the basement ) laugh until you suffocate!

yeah , how cool is this , i bet its real , oh no its not its photoshopped (ba$tardshopped)!


Just The Facts

  1. Flying cars will kick ass
  2. They will cost �£100,000,000,000 for a crappy Hyundi
  3. The fuel will be made of diamonds ( or around the same value ) .
  4. They've been telling us the same bullshit for the past twenty years.

My opinion

Flying cars will be awesome , BUT most likely 99.999 percent of us won't afford it and convieniently they can fly and flying tickets will be cheaper and Terrorists might not be able to afford to ride on flying cars , and we and may all become the jetsons ; a family of retarded futuristic dumbasses!

Zach Brookes! ☺☻☺