The Best Sci-fi Movies Of All Time

These are my favorite science fiction movies. Keep in mind, it is only out of movies that I have seen and I am not counting fantasy genre. Sorry Lord of the Rings fans...

To the moon, alice.

Just The Facts

  1. Science Fiction is the genre that blends elements of science and fiction for cool, thoughtful results.
  2. Sometimes these results are not always cool.
  3. Nor are they always thoughtful.

The Best Sci Fi Movies

Science fiction movies make us laugh, cry and loose our lunch. Dr. Who is the best Sci Fi television series in my opinion but maybe that's just because of Billie Piper and Nicola Bryant. Aside from letting us look at attractive people in futuristic spandex sometimes science fiction comes up with a new idea that even is like, scarily accurate. Like virtual reality snake sex shows (take that Godfather II) as seen in

Blade Runner

Undoubtedly one of the coolest Sci-Fi movies ever made, Ridley Scott (dir.) was at the top of his game when he cast Harrison Ford, fresh of the set of Star Wars, as a hard boiled detective who huntes down "replicants" and "retires" them. It is based on a short story by Phillip K. Dick (sorry, no dick jokes) called Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?

Here's a trivia Daryl Hannah hotter as a kill-bot or a mermaid? If you answered Ellie Driver with both eyes torn out, you answered sickly, you sick, sick puppy. Oh! Remember the eyeball scene in Blade the freezer and all...oh is Tarintino doing an home-page? I mean "homage"? Or should I say "fromage" because that cheese is stinky. I really don't care and I think I just stopped making much sense. Much like the franchise of...

Star Wars

Star Wars is a great movie. James Earl Jones is scary as Darth Vader and it defined a generation. And that generation is called, like the "generation x" or something because we truly don't care. And if you came later, it's even worse. So, like, thanks for ruining my life Star Wars and Family Guy still isn't all that funny, even though they referenced the best Dr. Who ever, Tom Baker. I mean, they ripped on Monty Python! C' Just no. Which brings me in no way at all to..

The Empire Strikes Back

I remember I saw the "special edition" of this on my senior ski trip in the theatre with two of my best buds in Denver and there may have been some medical marijauna involved (we were ahead of our time) and like, I realized how cool Empire was. Like, so cool, man. Bro...and then we got Tacos at Casa Bonita! It was like being in Mos Eisly cantina! Wicked!


This scene does not appear in Alien, but it should. Thankfully we have AvP Requiem to finish the nausea that would be this scene if the little alien dick heads came out of a mothers womb. The creatures were designed by the fantasy/sci fi master illustrator H. R. Giger, so, you know, they look a lot like dicks bursting out of everyones chest. This movie was also directed by Ridley Scott and was a dark alternative to the space portrayed in Star Wars. Man, Scott used to make cool ass sci-fi movies. Somehow, the Taking of Pelham 123 and (the previews for...) Robin Hood just don't seem to hold up.


In some ways, the Dune universe as concieved of by it's author, Frank Herbert paved the way for Star Wars. In the book they use something called "kris knives" which are glowing white blades, similar to light-sabers in their ability to be bad ass. However, the kris knife is made from sandworm teeth, which could actually happen. Let's just see you try to invent a light-saber. It can't be done man, it CANT BE DONE! (but if you do it, let me know right away, because I'm like almost a jedi master...i've just got one last thing or two to do)


I like this movie and it's uplifting story of determination no matter if you think it may kill me.

Before there was terminator, there was...


and then...

The Matrix

Only the first one.


Mary Shelly's Frankenstien is often credited as the first modern science fiction novel.


Getting a boner yet?

Heavy Metal

Now you are...