Full-Body Scanners

Back from the future...the terrifying new technology of body scanners!

He has his shirt tucked in! Obviously a terrorist!

Just The Facts

  1. Body scanners are an additional level of security for airports.
  2. Given the growing level of obesity in this country, these are not pictures most of us would want to see.
  3. Exception to rule #2 in the case of Los Angeles International Airport

Body Scanners?!!!

Just like in the 18th century, when Europeans encountered primative natives who thought photography was trying to steal their soul and put it in a box...we have come full circle with the utter paranoia about body scanners.

Oh no! Our personal freedoms are being threatened!!! Not.. the use of these machines is VOLUNTARY and can be replaced with a traditional pat-down and other searches. Although some would argue the choice between a pat-down and being leered at isn't really that great, check out the quality on the pics. I've seen more attractive static on the TV then that.

Yes there are some sick, depraved people out there. A quick run through the Craptions section of this page will reveal that. But let's face it...you have better views of most people's bodies at the beach. And the people who do the searches ARE NOT the people who scan your bodies. So I think that negates the whole "voyeurism" arguement.

And as far as the whole "health risk"...unless you are going through 1000's of these a day, you probably get more raditation from your cell phone. Or your microwave. Even so, I think the whole security of the people and the whole "landing safely at your destination" is definetely a greater "health risk." Besides, gamma rays are quite tasty, according to one leading American scientist.1

In the end, I think it's safe to say that they are like seatbelts in cars...a clear benefit. If you feel differently, then you and your gamma ray exposed arms may pummel me into submission.

1. Dr. Bruce Banner et al, Gamma Rays Make Hulk Smash. 2009.