Prince, born in 1958, is a revolutionary musician whose legacy continues even today. Prince is also quite possibly the sexiest human being alive.

Don't even try to resist.

Now that's what I call sexual tension

Greatest Prince Lyrics

-Baby Mama

"None of them got what it takes
To be a future baby mama
Gotta bend in the wind, but don't break
To keep your man
Show me one of them and I'll make her mine
With no more drama
Future baby mama"

-On the Couch

"I know, I know, I know, I know that
We agreed to be married (You know I know)
Shouldn't ya let me unzip your dress?
Why'd you do it, baby (why'd you do it) oh yeah,
Confess you tease,
Unless you please me
Don't make me sleep on the couch"

-Black Sweat

"You'll be screamin' like a white lady"

-When We're Dancing Close and Slow

"When we're kissing long and hard
I can almost taste the thoughts within your mind
Sex-related fantasy is all that my mind can see
Baby, that's honestly the way I feel"