Heavy Metal Fans

Heavy Metal Fans

Just The Facts

  1. Heavy Metal Fans can be characterized by their interest in denim, leather, and their endless striving for masculinity
  2. Because of this, it was long thought that all Heavy Metal Fans were, in fact, Homosexual.
  3. As it actually turns out, there is no way in hell this could possibly be true, because Rob Halford totally loves boobs. and vaginas.

Viewing Heavy Metal Fans from a Cracked perspective.

The Heavy Metal Fan differs tremendously with each sub-genre of heavy metal. All of them are easy to make fun of.

oh yeah I've seen that guy down at the community college once or twice.

Went to high school with my dad, I met him once at some community event. He smells weird.

My girlfriend dated that guy on the far left... She said he was in a metal band, but i think she doesn't know anything about music because THAT guy's band is definitely not metal.