Ari Gold

Just The Facts

  1. Ari Gold is played by Jeremy Piven
  2. Ari Gold is based on real life talent agent Ari Emanuel
  3. Ari Gold is the reason you cry yourself to sleep at night.... because you are not, and never will be him

Ari Gold Super Agent

I bet you wish that was you on the other end of the phone

"I bet you wish that was you on the other end of that phone."

Ari Gold is super agent to the stars in HBO's hit show Entourage and is 1/5th of the main cast but is 87% of the reason you watch. (feel free to divide the last 13% between Drama, Turtle and Sloan as you see fit)

However for someone with so many clients he seems to have a lot of free time, and splits this between hanging out with Vince and the gang, playing golf, trying to escape therapy with his wife and just generally screaming at everyone and anything.

I'm pretty sure Jeremy Piven deserves a Oscar for what is probably the best TV performance ever seen. (if not just give him a Grammy ... as long as it's a statue)