Wolfmother is a modern Australian hard rock band that thinks they are a vintage English hard rock band.

Just The Facts

  1. Probably the only band name that you can add the word "fucker" to and it would make sense and be funny
  2. Then again, there is that band Smash Mouth...
  3. But anyways, they are a pretty successful band, though they are accused of plagiarizing 70s rock bands due to their similar sound and drug usage
  4. Their hit song "Woman" was a playable song on Guitar Hero 2
  5. Their new album is called Cosmic Egg
  6. Yes, someone actually sat down and thought about it and decided on the name "Cosmic Egg"
  7. Yeah, yeah, we know. Sigh...

Cracked on Wolfmother

You know how some countries can be summed up in just a few stereotypical examples? Like how France can be summed up by "thin mustaches, cheese and wine, fancy food, and being pussies" and how Italy can be summed up by "Pasta, the mafia, Ferraris, and pasta"? Wolfmother, the surprisingly popular rock band from Australia is not far off from being integrated into the land down under's music scene. Seriously, name 3 famous Australian bands. Ok, you've got AC/DC. Then what? Maybe INXS, on a huge stretch? What's the 3rd band? All signs are pointing to Wolfmother.

Wolfmother's music can best be described as "Led Zeppelin". They are heavily blues-based, with a high-pitched vocalist, a rock n' roll spirit, and lyrics about women, moons rising, thieves (accompanied by jokers) and Mississippi California queens. It's like they were plucked right out of 1974!

Seriously, guess. Which band is from 1974 and which is from 2009?

Wolfmother released their debut, self-titled album in 2005 and it became an instant Australian sensation. Ultimately going 5x platinum, Wolfmother spawned several hit songs, such as "Woman", "Joker and the Thief" and "Love Train". However, the US wasn't impressed with Wolfmother's brand of Led Zeppelin's brand of hard rock. That is, until their song "Woman" was announced as a playable song on Guitar Hero 2. It became one of those "Guitar Hero" songs that everybody likes but nobody knows who the band is. Other examples include "Mother" by Danzig, "Through the Fire and Flames" by Dragonforce, and "Jordan" by Buckethead. Fortunately for Wolfmother, people started buying their albums after playing Guitar Hero 2 and soon Wolfmother became a hit in the States, quite a feat for a rock band considering that this is the current #1 on iTunes:

Bleugh. Seriously, even if Wolfmother isn't that original by sounding like 70s rock, we think everybody can agree that Wolfmother is way better than whatever the fuck that song was. In fact, we are so sorry for showing you that piece of utter sharkshit that we have to make it up to you with this: