Charlie Sheen

Charlie Sheen one of United States most famous actors notorious for sex scandals, drugs, and starring in watchable but crappy movies (except for Red dawn, Platoon, and young gunz) is not only a Hollywood legend but also a scholar who has uncovered a

Yes Charlie Sheen is awesome as you already know

Some times people make bad calls but for the right reasons

If you went to this high school you would be paranoid to

Just The Facts

  1. Charlie Sheen has done more Cocaine then you have. Unfortunetly hollywood doesnt give out awards for this.
  2. Charlie Sheen is aware of a massive conspiracy by the shadow government to lie trick and enslave the human race, unfortunetly nobody cares.
  3. Charlie sheen is coming out with a new movie called Red White and Blue Dawn that will have him battling to the death against the shadow government.

Charlie sheen

In a world driven by greed fear and evil only one man can bring the light of truth unto the darkness and that man is Carlos Charlie Sheen. With more explosions and more buildings falling down. Better Graphics and more cocaine then ever before. Carlos will reveal the truth behind the lies, starring as a Hollywood actor in a shitty but watchable tv show he will use his influence and grace mixed with a shitload of cocaine to gather together all of Hollywood to fight the new revolution against the tyrannical super power of the Evil American Shadow government.