Jeff Bridges

Jeff Bridges is an actor, he is also a cowboy, a prince and most awesome of all a cgi avatar of Jeff Bridges.))

Jeff Bridges is legendary for the incredible range of characters he can play, including affable stoner with cool beard (The Big Lebowski)) supervillain with cool beard (Iron Man) and over the hill country singer with cool beard (crazy heart)

however, Jeff Bridges has also been spotted without a beard (these photo's had to be developed in a combination of holy water and the blood of seven virgins, according to a stipulation in Mr Bridges contract, we let him have the virgins too, as a token of goodwill.)

Just The Facts

  1. Jeff Bridges has starred in over 7 movies, including Iron Man, The Big Lebowski, Tron and Pulp Fiction (at least when I replay it in my head)
  2. Jeff Bridges was also the "I will die or turn evil" mentor character in "Surfs Up" this was rendered awesome by the fact that he didn't die OR turn evil and was a surfing penguin.
  3. He is currently working on a sequel to Tron, which will either be better than sliced bread or worse than cancer mixed with a little aids

The Life of a legend

Jeff Bridges was born in Los Angeles in 1949 around the same time that Superman carried out an illicit affair with his mother Dorothy Bridges (according to my lawyer, this is purely coincidence.) he has an older, and significantly less incredible brother named Beau bridges, also an actor. It is believed that the reason for his brother's lameness is the lack of kryptonian dna is his system(of course, this is just a theory).

Film Career

Jeff's first role of any note was in 1971's Last picture show, after that he appeared in many , many movies (try saying that pissed) including Last American Hero and that shitty King Kong remake. However his career truly boomed when he starred in Tron, which is basically the Matrix without the ham-fisted biblical references and terrible acting, also it has Light Cycles, which automatically makes it one of the top ten movies of all time.

Of course the main reason the internet loves him is The Big Lebowski, if your one of the six people who haven't seen that film then see it now, I'll wait....

...done, good isn't it?

recently he won an academy award for best actor (YES! MOTHER-FUCKING YES!!) in the genre defying biopic (in that it isn't actually about anyone from the real world) Crazy Heart, about a down on his luck country singer who yadda yadda WATCH THE FILM!!

sorry if I sound testy, I guess I'm just sad that this article is coming to a close,