SkiFree is a game created by Chris Pirih and it is a bleak journey into the frigid realities of mankind's own making.

The Abominable Snow Monster gorging himself on your sweet flesh.

Just The Facts

  1. Pressing F makes you go faster, but speeding through life only makes the world hit you harder.
  2. The game integrates a numerical system thus allowing you to calculate your own doom.
  3. Thanks to the games innovative Infinite Level Engine you never have to stop playing.


The game not only features cutting edge graphics for its time, it also contains a dark and thought provoking story about fleeting mortality.

The beautiful sprawling landscape of SkiFree.

You begin with your faithful dog waiting for you at the top of the slope. As you start your descent, the game allows for you to choose your path. Will you enter the freestyle course and flash your way to superficial success with tricks and jumps? Perhaps you have a taste for speed and wish to choose the slalom course? For those with a suicidal nature there is the Tree Slalom course. Or perhaps you simply want to ski free? Whatever your decided path, it will all end the same way: in futility.

The level begins simply as most tend to do. Rocks and trees litter your path and the occasional snowboarder will bumble his way in front of you. Your dog, in a stunning act of betrayal, also crosses your path in order to trip you up. However, it isn't until after you pass the finish line that the game truly takes shape and the abominable snow beast arrives. Thus, the gauntlet begins.


The controls for this game are flawless. The main character moves exactly where you want him to fluidly and intuitively. It can even be played with one hand, an innovation that many newer games have yet to fully achieve.

A system that now dominates all PC games.

Other keys can also be employed to perform different tasks. This is a trend that many have elaborated upon and followed. While many modern machines now lack the numpad, a USB version can be purchased and plugged in so you can still play with that authentic feel.


The tail of his red hat was battered by the frigid unforgiving wind. As he glided along the snow he could hear only two things, the hypnotic swish of his skis and the frantic thumping of his heart. He'd just passed the 2000m mark and while he'd braved the obstacles of the raw elements of wood and stone as well as the evil intent in the hearts of men, his greatest foe was soon to be bounding at his heels. The horrific gray beast with piercing red eyes that fed only on human flesh. An accursed abominable snow monster whose huffing breath quickly chilled the backs of any man that wanted nothing more than to ski free.

Each time he thought he escaped the beast its brethren would soon arrive. There were hundreds of them now. Panting, thundering through the snowy wild, and all wanting his flesh. It had been days now. He was becoming dehydrated, frostbitten, and his eyes were beginning to play tricks on him. The trees had begun to move. At times it was as if they would jump in front of him. He also continued to spot his faithful companion continually crossing his path. He assumed at first the dog had betrayed him, but now he realized that it was his growing madness twisting his fears into hallucinations.

He can't escape them. The numbers are too great and simply moving faster will no longer do. In his last moments he sailed from a ramp. He wanted the sensation of flight just one last time. One last time before the monsters ripped him apart. That feeling of freedom that he'd come here to have. The one that had eluded his life for so long. He lamented the fact that he would no longer see his loving wife and wonderful children. A tear froze against his cheek as he sped downward. They would understand. They would understand that he had to ski free.