One of many lesser comedy sites on the internet featuring articles, pictures, uploaded videos, and original content. Their humor is mostly done by "professionals" who have "jobs".

We get paid to make videos in our office about us not working! Bitches!


Just The Facts

  1. Designed by College students for college students.
  2. So you know you won't be learning anything useful.
  3. Although there is a limited female staff, the ones they have are quite bangable.

Cracked on CollegeHumor

According to the intro on their MTV show, CollegeHumor was founded back in the day by then college students Ricky Van Veen and Josh Abramson. They did for the same reason anyone ever starts a business: booze money.

Their office is located in New York, New York. Every year the business and site grows bigger and bigger and more popular on the web. Earlier in 2010 they had to move to a bigger office building allegedly to manage the site better. Although it is suspected this new office building is more reinforced and secure to withstand all the super villians, Godzilla attacks, and apocalyptic weather that occurs in NYC.


CollegeHumor owns an online t-shirt sales website, Busted Tees. Other major sponsors and sources of income for the website include, but are not limited to Trojan Condoms, AXE Body Spray, Stride Gum, Twix, Domino's Pizza, and Klondike.


CollegeHumor has many employees who all probably have some critical role in the website. But here are the main ones you care about.

Ricky Van Veen:

The Co-founder and Senior Editor of CollegeHumor. Not to mention he's a John Mayer look-a-like. Typically he keeps a lower profile in terms of his appearances in their original video content. But he's not afraid to get slapped around like a bitch by his employees.

Sam Reich:

President of Original Content of College Humor. He directs and edits many of original videos on collegehumor. In the videos he does act in, he usually plays the melodramatic hero who has no idea what the fuck he is doing.

Jeff Rubin:

The Executive Editor of and producer of the web series Bleep Bloop. When Jeff isn't being persecuted with swastikas on his white board he's usually talking about video games or being a nerd in some other fashion.

Streeter Siedell:

Streeter hands down has the coolest name of any other CollegeHumor staff. He is the executive director of CollegeHumor media and a great actor in their original content. When it comes to acting he can effectively play the role of a woman without even shaving his beard. He is also rumored to be the alter-ego of the ancient, all powerful, and annoying Phantom of the Office.

Sarah Schneider :

The Managing Editor of CollegeHumor and also one of the females. If you had'nt noticed already, the ratio of guys to girls in the staff is unbalanced. So Sarah gets stuck playing a lot of the female roles in many of their videos which the audience doesn't mind because our sources here at Cracked have informed us that College age males like seeing women. Also we know what you're thinking, and according to Sarah there is nothing going on between her and her co-workers off camera. According to her it's like working with a bunch of hot brothers....

Jake Hurwitz:

He is a staff writer for the site and what a bro looks like after the college, minus the job of course. Typically he is hopelessly chasing Sarah down or being driven insane by Amir.

Patrick Cassels:

Patrick is like that nerd that always gets picked last for Dodgeball. He also writes and acts in many of CollegeHumor's videos. He competes with Jake and Phantom for Sarah's mortal affection.

Amir Blumenfeld:

A senior writer for the site according to his staff page on College Humor. Yet according to his appearances on their original videos, it seems like he shouldn't even be allowed within 500ft of the office. When he isn't being pranked in front of a crowd by Streeter, usually he can be found bugging the shit out of Jake, like your younger brother if his body grew into an adult while his mind didn't age...

Dan Gurewitch:

The other Senior Writer for CollegeHumor is a comedic God. Presumably he once shat on a piece of paper and they used it to film and direct several of their funniest videos of all time.

Web Series: CollegeHumor has several mini Web Series that don't happen to suck. All of which can be accessed via their main site.
Jake and Amir:
A never ending battle between one jerk who uses cold hard logic against the incessantly annoying and probably retarded other guy.
Bleep Bloop:
Jeff (the nerd) and other coworkers occasionally get an random VIP to join them in their journey to critique video games. That's right, he gets paid to do what you do for free and get ignored by your friends for.
Phantom of the Office:
The adventures of an immortal being who has witnessed many great and terrible events throughout history. Currently he works for CollegeHumor and is relentlessy pursuing his beloved "Seurat" so that he may fulfill his goal of "splitting her like a log and then burning her."
Hardly Working:
A sketch comedy written, directed, and filmed usually within their own office. Doesn't it kill you a little inside when you know someone gets paid for filming themselves about not doing their jobs?
Parody Music Videos:
On one hand it's not "technically" part of its own series. But on the other hand, fuck you. CollegeHumor produces many parody Music Videos, most of which are arguably better than the original song being spoofed. Internet favorites include "We Didn't Start The Flame War", Rude Boy's Response, You've become a Meme, and I Gotta Feelin' Parody.