Laptops, PC's that let lazy people be even lazier. They're made for mobility aspect, but are mostly used as a computer you can use while on the couch-or lying down. Because sitting down to Google "Tentacle rape" is really just over achieving.

My workstation, the printer is under the bed

Just The Facts

  1. Laptops do not bounce well, but fly beautifully.
  2. They overheat if used in your lap, incinerating your testicles. Not that you are using them.
  3. And don't get us started on trackpads.

Cracked on Laptops

One day, many years ago, an engineer looked at his computer and thought, "Gee, I wish I could carry it with me." A few years, a bit of development and a lot of pointing and laughing at the nerd later, the laptop was born.

All the inconvenience of a desktop system, at twice the expense, in a fragile plastic case that chips if you frown at it, laptops didn't really take off until the advent of wi-fi and mobile internet.