The MacBook, also known as the "CrapBook", is an over-priced, under-performing line of computers made by Apple.

Just The Facts

  1. MacBooks are mainly used by college students who didn't have the heart to return their parents' graduation present.
  2. Purchasing a MacBook is a great way to look wealthy. Gullible, but wealthy.
  3. 10 days after purchasing your MacBook, Apple will release a new version, making yours obsolete.
  4. Apple fully expects you to by each and every one of these models, at a cost of only about $2 Billion a year.
  5. MacBook hardware cannot be upgraded. EVER. So hopefully you didn't plan on using that computer for more than 2 years anyway.
  6. In their sad mission to someday be a competitor with Microsoft Windows, Apple spams your TV with "Mac vs. PC" commercials.
  7. Windows has no need for such marketing, due to an 86.14% market share, which shows no signs of decreasing.
  8. Again, congratulations your purchase, MacBook owners.

Why should I buy a MacBook?

Great question, other than the aforementioned status symbol reasons, MacBooks are a great way of letting people know that you don't ever plan on using a computer to play video games, use third-party software, or do just about anything else. Ask a MacBook fan about their favorite computer games, and they will likely stare blankly, or tell you about a game they played on their iPod, iPhone, or iPad. Three additional products you must own to be considered a "true" Mac fan.