Sword Fights

Sword fights are often the best part of the movie that features them. They prove that all of us have a little ninja in them, and that little ninja wants to stab something.

Lightsabers are swords. Laser swords. Nothing about that doesn't rock.

Just The Facts

  1. Sword fights are incredible, highly choreographed action sequences.
  2. We love them, because we know someone is getting stabbed or something is getting cut off.
  3. Give a Koala a sword, and it immediately becomes 12 types of awesome, most of them sword related.

Cracked on Sword Fights

For the purposes of this topic, sword fighting can also encompass fights that involve lightsabers, staffs, maces, or any other melee combat weapon, because it usually comes down to old world weapons kicking people's asses, and they almost always involve a sword in the mix anyway.