Kids In The Hall

Drunks, horny chicken/female hybrids, and cross dressing. Besides Cracked, you can find them all in Kids In The Hall.

Who are these guys?

Kids In The Hall (KITH) are a Canadian comedy troupe that's been around since 1984. They've done live shows and even made a movie, but they are largely known for their TV series of the same name. The show ran from 1988-1992 on HBO, CBS, and CBC (the Canadian Beaver Channel).

People ask, "what style of comedy are they known for?".We tell them to quit stalking us and present restraining orders. So, in the interest of time, and freeing up the court system, the best way to describe their comedy is as follows:

  • Timeless. This catchphrase gets thrown around a lot when it comes to comedy, but KITH really are. None of their comedy relies on current events, current celebs, etc: it's all comic genius at work. So, you can watch the stuff they did 20 years ago and still laugh like you did back when you had a perm and wore neon.
  • Completely original. Not only is their humor not topical; it's all original. You can't point to a KITH sketch and say, "Oh yeah, that's just like (fill in the blank)", because there is no comparison. Some will say there are similarities to Monty Python, but those people are the same douchebags who pop their collars and bathe in AXE.

"Bra, it's totally like MP, awright awright awright!"

What are their sketches like?

KITH is like an inside joke: only funny to those who were witness to it. It's not a simple explain-it-and-it's-funny type of humor; like an eclipse, it's only awesome if you stare right at it.

Example: we'll explain one famous sketch here:

Kevin has 7 things to do one day. He runs into some bank robbers. They kill a bunch of people. Kevin gets his list done.

Not funny, right?

Watch this on the toilet, because you will piss your pants in laughter.

You might want to stay where you are, because coming up soon are the top 5 KITH TV sketches.

KITH Members: Dave Foley

You know Dave Foley as Dave Nelson from the TV series Newsradio:

On KITH, Dave's most popular characters were drunks, hookers, innocent or childlike manboys, Manservant Hecubus, and stern, elderly women.

Here's Dave dressed up as two of the female characters he played:

KITH Members: Bruce McCulloch

You know Bruce McCulloch as the director of Superstar, and Dog Park.

Bruce McCulloch is legally short enough to be considered a smurf. Standing at 3'5", Bruce's comedic genius does not stem from height jokes, but rather his portrayal of smug or brooding jackasses.

On KITH, Bruce played exactly those types of characters. Here he is in drag, as a pop star.

KITH Members: Kevin McDonald

You know Kevin McDonald best as the voice of Almighty Tallest Purple from Invader Zim.

Kevin is the 'beat-on' member of the troupe. He is often the butt of physical and mental abuse on KITH. He was overweight just before KITH formed, then lost it to become the scrawny guy. Both body types are comedic goldmines.

On KITH, Kevin played a wide variety of characters, ranging from losers to nerds. His one breakout from typecasting role was Master SImon in the Pit of Darkness.

Here's Kevin playing the role of a young wizard:

So nerdy he sports the "eight-eyes" look.

KITH Members: Mark McKinney

You know Mark McKinney as that guy who played a bunch of bit characters on SNL from 1995-1997.

On KITH, Mark used his childhood experiences of being a diplomat's son to create several characters with accents. Mainstays of Mark's were the Chicken Lady and Darill. However, the most famous KITH character of Mark's is "the headcrusher".

NO! Would you put it in here?!

... We're talking about THIS guy.

KITH Members: Scott Thompson

You know Scott Thompson from his portrayal of gay nightclub owner Buddy Cole. He began as a KITH character, but became part of Thompson's stand up routine post-KITH.

Thompson was openly gay right from the start of KITH. Before you dismiss this as "meh, big deal", how many openly gay celebs from the late 80's can you name?

We said OPENLY.

Thompson is obviously best known for his role as Buddy Cole on KITH, but other classic characters are Danny Husk, and Bauer.

Here's Thompson as Buddy:

KITH Members: (Honorary Mention): Bellini

You don't know Paul Bellini from anything else... unless you're Canadian.

During KITH, Bellini appeared a handful of times for no apparent reason. He wore only a white towel around his waist, and said nothing. He was featured twice during the show's run as the prize for two contests. One contest winner got to poke Bellini with a stick, and the other winner got to have breakfast with Bellini at the Ottawa airport. Both times, Bellini kept in character wearing only the towel and saying nothing.

Honestly, we can't make this shit up. Watch.

The Top 10 KITH Sketches, According to Cracked

In no particular order, here they are. Post your angry rant about the sketches we left out in the "Comments" section.

"Whole Lotta Milka"

"Girl Drink Drunk"


"Gavin and the Evangelists"

" Fag" (Probably NSFW)

"Chicken Lady" (NSFW)

"Citizen Kane"

"Crab Shampoo" (Probably NSFW)

"Life's a Pretty Sweet Fruit"

"Terriers" (Probably NSFW)