A paradox is a entity that contradicts itself, cannot exist in our universe, or a violation of the laws of physics or any other unimportant law.

Pictured: eschers summer home.

How work is done at the white house.


Just The Facts

  1. Escher created some of the best paradoxical structures
  2. The next fact is false.
  3. That last fact was true.
  4. A snake eating itself is a good demonstration of a paradox.

The text paradox.

A text paradox is a sentence that contradicts itself, or a different sentence. Or is it?... yes, yes it is.

The next statement is false

That last statement was true.

However a text paradox doesn't need to disobey the laws of... stuff. For instance if i where to say that "a snake ate himself" that would not be paradoxical merely stupid.

When most people see a text paradox the natural instinct is to figure out how the statement about desire for anarchy and in the next sentence they declare a need for order can possible coexist, because you cant pass it off as a mistake because you know he's smarter then you, after all he's the one standing on the pile of trash and car parts.

The physical paradox.