Funny Google Suggest Results: Who Searches For This Stuff?

We’re all familiar with Google Suggest, that wonderful box that pops up as you type in your search on Google and suggests what you might be searching for.

A lot of searches are pretty reasonable, but in most batches, theres that one weird one that just makes you think, who the hell searches for that?

its only a matter of time till someone searches up naked peanuts.

why i don't know why is there a dead paki on your couch?

Just The Facts

  1. people are on crack when they search things on google.
  2. you are on crack when you enter
  3. i love naked peanuts.

What funny searches have you seen pop up in Google?

What crazy searches have you come across? You must be thinking like me, what sort of people are out there searching for this stuff! Green poop!? And remember im only putting the first few words into google search bar these suggestions by google are the most popular searches. " IS OPRAH A BILLIONAIRE " I wonder if they ever found the answer to that one. Some interesting ones about Barrak Obama. The answer to what happens if you don't pay your credit cards is you get stung by interest go bankrupt lose everything you own and become homeless! Not good! to stop this from happening i would try FIND THE CASH TO PAY BACK WHAT YOU OWE.

Have look drop me a comment whats your favourite or do you have some funny search terms you wouldn't mind sharing with us.