4Kids Entertainment is a well known American company Despite appearance it is a well known fact that 4Kids might be the single most evil corporation on the planet.

A crude recapturing of the night L. Ron Hubbard spoke the magic words and brought forth the evils of 4Kids from the depths of Hell

4Kids logo Brightly colored to attract children to their

Dan Green 4Kids Solution to Any Important character voice

Just The Facts

  1. Founded in the 1970's by L. Ron Hubbard, Adolf Hitler, and Satan as a means to destroy fun.
  2. Has killed two of the greatest saturday morning cartoon block KidsWB and The FoxBox.
  3. it was claimed to be one of the world's largest distributors in children's television.
  4. Has a censorship fetish with all of the shows it buys.

4Kids Entertainment a look at Evil

If anyone tells you they like 4Kids odds are they work there (And even then its probably under threat of death from its ceo Al Kahn ).

Al Kahn Smiles as puppies are thrown into the furnace at the heart of 4Kids main building

But regardless 4Kids has done many horrible tihngs when it comes to the shows they acquire. These transgressions range from censorship which will be discussed later to using horrible voices in their dubbs to creating american shows that are just plain bad. While its true that 4kids has done few good things with properties such as pokemon, yu-gi-oh, and shaman king they have also done much to take away from those properties as well such as the replacement of the voice actors on pokemon creating a show that is painful to listen to if you are a fan of the original voices. and creating far to many mini and unnecessary arcs within the larger seasons wasting time.

Its Censorship Time!!!!

As previously mentiond 4kids has a fetish for censoring things from the shows they acquire. And this is the cause for much of the problems raised with 4Kids, Many things are censored in 4Kids shows. Such as Guns, Cigarettes, death, pentograms, and other material that they deem might be harmful to american children. Now some people might say "Surely this censorship is a good thing we dont want our children exposed to these bad things." In some cases those people might have a point but where 4Kids is concerned they can shut the hell up because 4Kids takes this an extreme.

What could you possibly mean by Extreme?

First. 4Kids has taken it upon themselves to censor the food eaten by characters within particulare shows so as not to confuse the children watching it that food other then that eaten in america exists in the world. They will also change opening music to a show if they think it would be unfamiliar to american audiances. this might be accpetable where it not for one peice where they decided a rap song would make a more efficient opening into song. if one looks at all of the censorship 4Kids has taken the time to go and make it would seem that they have a desire to create an unrealistic view of the world for those young viewers where the negative things either dont exist or dont matter to much because their is always a loophole that can save you.But if my ranting and obvious dislike for 4kids isnt enogh to convince you that they take censorship to an extreme. take a look at this Example of 4Kids Censoring.

4Kids censors the black out of a character from the Anime One Piece