Tony Hawk Games

Tony Hawks is a popular skateboarding based game for almost every platform since the PS1 and is the primary factor in an entire generation taking up the sport. Also for increasing Americas hospitle visits ten fold

The line make a pretty awesome jump

The game is almost this rad

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Just The Facts

  1. The game is credited with helping take the sport from niche interest into the public eye
  2. And also for making Tony Hawk a worldwide celebrity for being awesome
  3. the game is totally awesome to the MAX!!!

The games

Humble begginings

Credited as being the first video game based on skateboarding to not suck donkey ass, THPS as it's fondly dubbed introduced the masses to the extreme world of skateboarding, making Tony Hawk a household name in the process. Although by todays standards many would look down on the game we wouldn't even know what skateboarding wasif it wasn't for this piece of gaming history. You can also thank Mr Hawk for Jackass and all the cheap laughs it's given you over the years.

Following on strong

The game followed with several very succesful and very awesome sequels, each one introducing new moves to perform. Along with new pro skaters for the second player to pick from who weren't Tony Hawk including Spiderman. Followed by two numbered sequels which followed suit and proved just as popular.The games also featured some of the finest punk rock around as its soundtrack boasting big names like goldfinger, pennywise and green day.

The fall of numbered titles

Yes thats righ the game spawned that many sequels it crossed into the next generation of consoles and required a "trendy" name change. Commonly known as THUG The game was a massive ollie forward for the genre featuring character creation, face mapping and online play before sonys online network adapter (fuck you sony). The game was pretty much praised on all aspects and saw Tony become more rich and powerful than ever.

The return of the numbers

Like a bad rash made of awesome and kickflips Neversoft gave in and though fuck it lets just start counting again. Probably the feather in the cap of the series it took all the aspects that made each individual game awesome and created THUG 2. Boasting impoved features and gameplay, meant little to the fans the crowning glory CLASSIC MODE!!!, allowing fans of the orginal game to get old school and down with the kids. Also featuring renowned idiot Bam Margera who suprsingly can skate pretty damn well for a guy who spent most of his time kicking his friends in the nuts.

Inevetible decline

Neversoft then decided to stop making good Tony Hawks games and gave us this, followed by numerous equally crap sequels. Where did they go wrong they made the game bigger, added more tricks, more skaters, more levels, more classic mode and bikes wait that last one sucks. Yes In a game that endorses skate culture and is pretty much funded by its industry and fans they pretty much insulted everyone of them. It would be like putting a link to Mad magazines website at the end of a cracked article and saying hey they're pretty much the same right? The answer no they are not and bikes are not fucking cool.

Not pictured: something cool

potential awesome revamp

The game has been aching for this like a comedy writer yearns for public acceptence (please leave nice comments and send this to your friends). Many pretty good sequels have been released for the latest generation of consoles all of which have lacked the impact of the older versions. Scientists conclude this to be due to a distinct lack of punk in later versions of the games, they also concluded that featuring hip hop in a skating game is retarded. However the future could be bright for the series with the invention of Project Natal a new revolution in video game technology, Cracked is betting though that sales of Leisure suit larry are far greater just on a hunch.

Just a hunch