New Hippie Mafia

The New Hippie Mafia is a contemporary band from Hawaii. And, more than anything else, they are the best example of the mid-life crisis band.

Although props on the badass logo.

Just The Facts

  1. The New Hippie Mafia plays modern rock with a classic twist prompting critics to liken their sound to the Steve Miller Band and others.
  2. While they have no radio hits in America, they have spawned some air play on German radio.
  3. All of the members are hilariously old.


To this date, the New Hippie Mafia has released a lone album entitled Dive On In. It sounds about as if it came out of the 1970's, coke and all. Considering that some of their lyrics are "Gotta get real high to get down tonight," the swingin' '70's have apparently never left Hawaii. Led by the enigmatic Steve Seva, the New Hippie Mafia have shunned US stardom for simpler German stardom, which is shared by the Hof, fetish pornstars, and Angela Merkel.

They're in good company.