Damn it Jim im a doctor not a summary writer

Just The Facts

  1. Wikipedia defines bone as a rigid organ that forms part of the endoskeloton of vertebrates.
  2. Wikipedia also defines bones as a forensic anthropologist
  3. In my heart, bones will always be defined as the best damn doctor star fleets ever seen.

Bone Types

The way I see it there's three kinds of bones. Now I'm no doctor but I'm fairly confident that the first kind does something to keep your otherwise fleshy body from flopping around on the ground. The second kind is a shy little mynx who solves crimes by looking at bones (see bones type one) through a magnifying glass. The third type is an old school doctor who doesn't mind kicking back and having a drink with the captain. However this is merely speculation because I'm not an Internet comedy writer, I'm a doctor damn it.

Dem Bones

For those of you who are interested in the subject here is a summery of all three types of bones.

Type one: Fuck that noise. This isn't wikipedia.

Type two: Dr. Temperance "Bones" Brennan is a forensic anthropologist at the Jefferson institute. She is an atheist and a critic of religion. This is in contrast to her partner, FBI agent Seeley Booth who is a devout Roman Catholic. This theological tension between the two is little more then a thin veil to hide the real tension between them. You know... the steaming sexual tension which makes you stay up late at night wondering what Bones would look like in a catholic schoolgirl outfit confessing all the naughty things she's done to the hot bodied reverend played by agent Booth. Oh wait... that's just me? Moving on.

Type three: The second doctor on our list and ahead of the game by a century or two, Dr. Leonard McCoy is the head medical officer onboard the starship enterprise. And if you think that the tension between Bones 2 and booth was something you obviously haven't spent as much time as me contemplating what goes on when Dr. McCoy and Captain Kirk have a private drink after a long day of space badassery. Sufficive to say ill let you imagine that scenario on your own.



He's The Best Around (and nothings ever guna bring him down)

I'd like to leave you with one parting statement, DOCTOR MCCOY IS MORE BADASS THEN ANYOTHER BONES. What you don't believe me? Well do your average femur or Dr. Brennan have twitter? Leo does.