Tamar Kaprelian

She sings. We listen. It's Awesome.

That's her!!!

And she's hot!!!

Just The Facts

  1. As you already know she is Hot!!!
  2. And she covered a song Apologize by one republic which sound better that the original
  3. Not a lot of people can do that
  4. Her cracked topic page is actually longer than her Wikipedia Topic Page
  5. Which is wierd
  6. I know I've said it already ( about twice) but it doesn't hurt to say it again. SHE IS HOT!!!
  7. And she sounds nice
  8. And if you look at her video of apologize, you can actully see her bra.
  9. Which is also nice
  10. And seriously, we woun't complain.
  11. She should do that more often
  12. Actually, its way better if she does that all the time.
  13. It makes us very happy :- )

Cracked on Tamar Kaprelian

Ass i wrote earlier on the Just The Facts Section, her wiki page is a little bit scares so the mysteries on this girl remains but we do know that her parent are Armenian. ARMENIAN!!! A former part of the Soviet Union. THE SOVIET FUCKING UNION!!! The country America was use to afraid to Fuck up. Was anyway but still. She also grew up at ar Georgia. Another former part of the Soviet Union. And guess what, they use to have a queen way back called Queen Tama. Coincidence? Maybe. Only maybe..

On 2008 of March, One Republic held a competition on who cound sing thier song better that they can. It was an intence competition and not enterirely shocking, thier are a lot of people who could sing better than they can but at the top of them all, someone kicked everyone else's ass in the competition (including One Republic's): and that Someone is her.

After One Republic bowed to her Angelic Voice and clearly visible underwear in her youtube video, thier Suprime Ruler vowed to produce "New Day". Another awesome song (Now visible underwear but you can see that she's slowly taking her clothes off. The Producer of the vidoe must have thought about saving those parts on the sequel)