Cuss Words

There comes a time, in everyone's life, when darn, heck, and shucks just won't cut it. When a little extra salt and tang is called for, and that extra finesse. It's time to cuss, and suck my cock if you don't like it!

good advice

surprisingly, a lot of people believe this

Just The Facts

  1. The so-called "7words you can never say on television are:Shit, Piss, Fuck, Cunt, Cocksucker, Motherfucker, and Tits
  2. The above list was later amended to include more than 200 words
  3. "Bullshit" derives from hay, which bulls eat, then shit.

Why the Fuck should I use a goddamm cuss word?

A man is sitting at home reading when a voice from nowhere says "Go to Vegas. Bet everything on red 17" At first he ignores it, but it persists. For days and days he hears this voice "Got to Vegas. Bet everything on red 17" At work, at home, in the shower, on the toilet, wherever he is he hears it "Go to Vegas. Bet everything on red 17" Finally he can't stand it. He sells everything he owns, his house, his car, everything. He flies to Vegas and as soon as he steps off the plane he hears "Go to Ceasar's Palace" He goes to Ceasar's Palace. When he arrives he hears "Go to the last table" He goes to the last table. "Bet it all!" He bets it all, over 125,000 dollars. The table guy rolls the wheel and tosses the marble. It lands on Black 28.

The voice says "fuck"

Now you could tell that joke a hundred different ways. The voice says"darn" The voice says "shoot" the voice says "dagnabbit" None of these are funny, not even a little bit. The plain fact of the matter is you have to have the word "fuck" or the joke just doesn't work. And that's why we sometimes just have to use the so-called "cuss words"

"PC" or not, occassionally only these words will pack the punch we need. George Carlin's "Seven words you can never say on television" have gone right out the fucking window these days, and goddamm rightly so. If fucking the fucked up sons-a-bitches right in the asshole with a shit-eating cock-filled cunt....wait, what the fuck was I talking about?