The Biggest Loser

Honey, the Biggest Loser is on, you can stop eating now.

The Winnter-Losers

Yeah Right

Just The Facts

  1. Biggest Loser Convinces Fat People to Watch TV
  2. Fat People Can be Skinny by Watching TV
  3. Biggest Loser sells Weight Loss Stuff

The Biggest Loser Wants Your Fat

The biggest loser is TV's way of telling starving kids in Africa to beat it. While you hungry kids are scraping for beans, rice, corn or whatever it's your home country staple is, we here are trying to find ways not to eat. We want to be just like you, so please do not feel bad if you cannot find food to sustain you, the fat ones on TV are competing to develop the kind of solid discipline you starving folks have. The biggest loser is the anti-America's Next Top Model, where ultra-skinny high- maintenance, two dimensional chicks flaunt it.

It's noted that many countries have this show or a version of it. It seems that this show only runs in affluent countries where they tend to make a lot of money or at least overeat. To further make my point, South Africa is the only nation in Africa that has its own version of this show. Both Israel and Arab TV have their own versions of the biggest loser-maybe we can have that peace after all.

TV exes figured since 26% of Americans are obese (according to CDC Data), that generates enough interest in the weight lost programs and earns good ratings to sell airtime for commercials. This also leaves fat people feeling included especially in light of the recent Howard Stern comments about actress Gabourey Sidibe weight. Southern States might enjoy the show since they give America most of its fat people--you have deep fried food to thank for that.

The biggest loser now has a line of fitness products that can be easily found at your local big box stores. Books, DVDs, kitchen appliances, scales, calendars, meal plans, powered portion. Do not forget the video games, and exercise equipments you can also purchase in your quest to shed some of those uninvited pounds. It's worthy to note that most of those products are endorsed by Jillian Michaels dubbed as TV's top trainer.

Another irony is how TV has been linked to people munching and overeating thus causing them to fat is also used as the medium of choice to air this show. It's the only show that fat people can count on no skinny people can audition for, this having their revenge. The show also changes the meaning of the world "loser" as a negative cultural reference. Being fat might get you in the show, but being a big loser will earn you the title.

You would figure this show might achieve its goal by eliminating obesity in America, but that's not the case as season 9 is now playing in the US is now on season 9 Alison Sweeney is the host with trainers Bob Harper and Jillian Michaels and a number of "experts" to help this season's contestant to drop those pounds fast. Oh boy, I spelled my milk shake on my computer, gtg.