Polygamy is most notably practiced in the United States by the astonishingly crazy Fundamentalist Church of Latter Day Saints, a long-winded offshoot of comparatively normal mormonism. It was started by this guy:

<a href=This is the man who has generously volunteered to haunt your nightmares."/>

Also, for some reason they always seem to match.

Just The Facts

  1. Their website lists 13 articles of faith; two end in "and so forth."
  2. Some of the members live in a city called Pringle, South Dakota.
  3. "Worshipping" is spelled wrong on the FLDS website.
  4. You can be excommunicated for dating.
  5. They believe that everyone is born white, and that sinners are morphed into black people to mark them as evildoers.
  6. The women never cut their hair and wear "prarie dresses," by which I mean "the least attractive attire ever."
  7. Everything that has ever been creepy, illegal, and weird has also probably found a place with the FLDS.

Everything That Has Ever Been Creepy, Illegal, and Weird

1. Incest.

"I spent 17 years being beat by my mother 'cause I wouldn't be obedient to my father ...and he wanted me in his bed..." said an unnamed woman on video. Let's think about this for a second. A woman beat her daughter for NOT having sex with HER OWN FATHER.