Kenny Vs.Spenny

Have you ever wondered what would happen if you never got married, lived with your best friend, and filmed the results of your wacky competitions? Two men are living the dream: Kenny and Spenny.

Just The Facts

  1. Kenny Vs. Spenny is a Canadian reality TV show that has spawned several spin-offs in various countries, including England and Colombia.
  2. Kenny was a journalist in Iraq during the Gulf War.
  3. There's nothing interesting about Spenny.

Why K v S is the best reality show. Ever.

We here at Cracked are notorious for our hatred of reality shows. Really, if you want to watch fat people crying about their weight problems, all you'd have to do is turn off your TV and listen to your mom, for free.

Kenny vs. Spenny is unique in the reality tv universe. It's so damn compelling to watch because we've all had friends or siblings who held stupid competitions, and the results always equalled hilarity. That's the key to good reality tv: is its intention to make you laugh? Sadly, none of the other reality shows do... you laugh because it's so damn pathetic, not because it's actually funny.

Episode Format

Each episode begins with an outside shot of the house the series is (mostly) filmed in. Immediately after is the "couch scene", where Kenny and Spenny explain the episode's competition.

Sometimes after the couch scene, they will go to the whiteboard in Spenny's office and write out the rules. Kenny will always find a way to limit the rules.

The trajectory of the episode then follows the setup and execution of the competition. Often, both guys will discuss their strategy in a direct commentary to the viewers. Inevitably, Kenny will be seen cheating to make Spenny freak out (and therefore lose the competition), or even directly sabotage the competition.

At the end of the competition, the winner subjects the loser to a humiliation. Humiliations typically involve a disgusting act, like eating vomit.