Felicia Day

How one quirky girl stole the hearts of all Geekdom.

All that and brains, too. But not in the zombie way...

Beloved by fandom. Geekiness + colored pencils = fan art.

Just The Facts

  1. Felicia was born in Alabama.
  2. Felicia cyber-stalks herself, so she is probably reading this while you are.
  3. Yes you do, in fact, want to date her avatar.

Felicia Day is Too Much for You

Casting directors used to give Felicia Day a hard time that she was "too." Her nose was too big, she was too quirky, she was too skinny. Always the best friend, never the lead. So she went out and proved that the real problem was that she was too good to listen to their anxious desire to stuff her in a pre-designated Hollywood box by creating and starring in The Guild, an online web series.

Before The Guild Felicia had a few lesser known gigs, including eight episodes as Vi in the Whedonverse's Buffy the Vampire Slayer and as Penelope in Bring It On Again. But since creating The Guild, and through her own promotional efforts, she has shot into stardom which is kind of like kicking those casting directors in the hoohas and yet also much more satisfying.

Social Media and Geek Cred

Felicia has been credited with being a saavy social media promoter. She has pointed out that part of why she can navigate in that world so well is because she is actually an online denizen herself. She is as likely to Digg, Tweet, etc. as the rest of us.

Joss Whedon says she inspired the creation of the highly praised Dr. Horrible's Sing Along Blog, wherein she portrayed the character Penny. As the t-shirt says, Joss is Our Master Now so if he says Felicia rocks then dammit she ROCKS!

What does the future hold? As yet unconfirmed reports include Felicia being appointed a U.N. Goodwill Ambassador, Codex becoming the official virtual mascot of World of Warcraft, and The Guild being broadcast on Comedy Central.

OMG! There's a Girl on the Internet?

Felcia can enjoy her time online because xkcd has her back with Nerdy Girl Security.

The number of women on the internet has been steadily climbing since this program started.