"TROG-DOOOOOOR!" If this battlecry means anything to you: good for you, you're fully up to date on your internets. If not, read on to learn more about the most awesomest creature to ever roam the tubes of the internet.

Just The Facts

  1. Trogdor was a man.
  2. He was a dragon man.
  3. Or... maybe he was just a dragon.
  4. But he was still TROG-DOOOOOOOOOR!

Trogdor's Backstory

Trogdor made his first magnifiicent appearance in StrongBad's response to a cocky fan's e-mail. Although StrongBad's level of awesomeness is legendary, no one could have foreseen the off-the-charts level of awesomeness that was to be Trogdor

Trogdor's humble beginnings as a sketch of StrongBad's took a few rough drafts, but eventually StrongBad was able to get the exact level of badassery onto paper, and thus, the legend of Trogdor was born.

Trogdor is a dragon with beefy human legs and one beefy human arm. His scales are drawn with consummate V's, and he has a pair of wingalings.

Trogdor's favorite activties are burninating, especially peasants, their huts, and the countryside.