Fantastic Mr. Fox

This book by Roald Dahl was distributed as a movie by 20th century fox and boy did they fuck it up.

ooh george clooney no wonder it was shit.

Considering Quentin Blake draws like a handicapped penguin the book aint bad.

When you see this dude in your local gay bar dont hesitate to shoot him twice and then sodomize him.

Just The Facts

  1. Published in 1970 by George Allen & Unwin later republished with new illustrations by Jill Bennit,Tony Ross&Quentin Blake
  2. It was a pretty awesome book for kids and people that really like Foxes.
  3. The movie uses stop motion animation wich is gay and possible communist.

5 reasons to see this movie (other then to hear George Clooney's smooth sexy voice).

(1 you wanna wack your girlfriend (or a random stranger) in an empty cinema because you know no-one is going to this film.

2 your a complete loser.

3 I couldnt tink of a diffrent reason and i just wanted to tell you that in this rediculously long reason that you havent gained any knowleddge by reading reason 3 and you are now even less intelligent for reading it also you're stupidity gives me an erection . . . Giggidy.

4 Refer to reason 3.

5 I like cheese and George Clooney, With Cheese on him.

Plot summary.

Its about a fox who likes to steal chickens, ducks, geese and cider. His best mate Badger helps him and the three farmers Borris, Bruce and Bunce bulldoze his house so he has to dig under the farms to get the food. The basic moral of the story is if you are greedy be prepared to have a Fox (Who may or may not be Fantastic.) rob your stuff. soo... If you get free time (which let's face it if you're reading you have) just masturbate or smoke weed because you don't want to see this movie.