World Cup Draw 2010

This year is the 2010 FIFA World Cup which is arguably the most watched and the most important sporting event ever. This article talks about the groups drawn and how some teams got lucky, and...well...some not so lucky.

Just The Facts

  1. It's in South Africa
  2. There are 10 top stadiums where all the matches will be played
  3. There are 32 teams, all divided 'equally' into 8 groups of 4

Let's Criticize England

Well, I guess we can congratulate England for pretty much progressing to the knockout stages of the world cup. Their group consists of (as 'hinted' earlier): Algeria, Slovenia and The United States of America (you are most welcome). It's not the fact that they have an easy group which annoys me the most, its how they have advertised it. What does this mean? Well, as you've seen the newspaper snippet at the top of the article, it's pretty obvious that the English have felt 'hard done by' when to comes to previous World Cup groups. Let's put it in a way that is both simple and direct: they haven't had difficult groups. In fact, if you research on the groups England have had, there has been no 'group of death'.

Obviously, Americans will be offended by the headline from the newspaper 'The Sun' as it clearly is an insult to think that all Americans are considered to be a 'yank'. In addition, I hope you readers agree with me when I say that the English couldn't find an anagram of anything else and therefore had to resort to using a stupid solution to finish 'EASY'.

Well...I personally would have insulted them more discretely son, but good on you!

Asian Teams

As a passionate football fan, I tend to know quite a bit when it comes to guessing the 'dark horses'. For this world cup, I have not chosen one team on its own. Instead I am going to go with 'Asian Teams'. This means the two Koreas, North and South. The other Asian teams were considered to be unlucky as the points standings for the Asian Qualification Group were very tight. If we consider Australia in this group (I suppose it should really be called the Australasian Teams), it increases my 'guess' to which team will perform well in this World Cup.

Football in Asia is significantly growing, and with more and more Koreans and Australians joining foreign leagues such as England, Scotland and Italy, the quality of football is much higher.

The South Korean football team. It looks more like a boxing squad...but trust me, they are a good team.

Finally...the actual draw

Sh*t. This is the answer to the question ''What do you think of the current way of drawing groups?'' Lets look at the method:

1. The teams are seeded (this means they are divided into 4 groups from best to worst, basically)

2. They pick 1 team from each seed to form 1 group

3. That's it

Why is this sh*t? Simple. Although the teams are seeded, there is a significant difference from a world ranking of 1 and a world ranking of 10. If they are put in separate groups, then isn't it unfair? Another problem is what if all the worst teams from each of the seeded groups are put into 1 group?! England's group is a perfect example for this (That's the E.A.S.Y group)

With this rule, you get, as they call it, the 'group of death'. Four very good teams in one group. It may be exciting, but it could be said to be unfair.

Why South Africa for the hosting of the World Cup?

a) It's a beautiful place

b) Time for a change in venue

c) The fans will be insane

d) Finally the European teams can suffer due to weather


And this is the new and 'beautiful' stadium in South Africa where the final will be played. Hopefully they haven't finished just yet...