Blue Devils

Blue Devils have graced a number of different schools, as facing an enemy with a pointy bearded-mascot remains the #1 fear of students everywhere.

This plant is a blue devil too, according to Wikipedia. I had no idea plants could attend universities.

Just The Facts

  1. The Blue Devil is the mascot for a number of schools and high schools, but the front it is most famous for is the 88th Infantry Division during WWI and WWII. Yep, that's definitely the most famous Blue Devils.
  2. They are only rivaled in fame by the Fredonia State Blue Devils. WHOOOO GO FREDONIA STATE!!!!
  3. Blue devils are also what make you sad. Kind of like those things in scientology, the ghosts of aliens or something......whatever, the point is that I knew that already from this class I took so I didn't need Wikipedia to tell me.

The Basketball Blue Devils

That's Duke, by the way.

"Careful, Vasquez! They've got fingers!"

You probably know them. They dissapoint millions of bracket filler-outers each year when they don't do as well as people say they will.

Except when they win. But that still annoys you because you had them losing to UCONN in the Final Four.

The Blue Devils were named after a French regiment called the Blue Devils, and have gone on to victoriously not live up to their name.

The Duke Blue Devils use the strategy of "scoring" to win games.

"Good thing we practiced playing basketball at practice and not sampling fancy wines and cheeses."

They also use the brilliant strategy of playing at Cameron Indoor Stadium, which is approximately the size of a shoebox and magnifies the noise of the fans 3000x.

"Look out, Roche! They've got voices!"

Their leader, Coach K, is famous and stuff. They named the court after him.

The Duke Blue Devils are also not favorably looked on by anyone, ever.

This was going to be the logo but they changed it at the last second.

The Other Blue Devils

Some Blue Devils are not Duke.


I'm not going to name all of the schools, because you don't care, but here are some things that Wikipedia tells me are also Blue Devils which you might be interested in:

-That flower from the top.

-A few Army divisions.


-Ghost things that make you sad (as in, I got dem blues).


Being Awesome

Most people hate Duke because they win at basketball, but I think I can say with fairness that there are some Blue Devils that are pretty awesome.


You know what else is awesome? THIS!