Brendan Gleeson

Brendan Gleeson is the most awesome man on the face of Earth, possibly the entire Gleesonverse. What is a Gleesonverse you ask. A Gleesonverse is what scientists renamed the universe as universe did not fully encompass the full collection of galaxies

Ireland's greatest known man

Gleeson grew that beard in exactly 38 minutes

Gleeson changed the laws of physics in order to actually learn magic for the Harry Potter films

Just The Facts

  1. Has been credited in over 60 movies and several hundred uncredited films
  2. The greatest character actor known to man
  3. Gleeson is also an avid fly fishing enthusiast

The Man, The Legend, The Gleeson

It is widely thought that Gleeson was born in 1955, however this is untrue. Brendan Gleeson came into being during the Big Bang and has resided on Earth ever since. In the first days of Earth he formed a small island which he named Ireland, thus the first country was born. During the millions of years he has resided on this planet Gleeson has inspired hundreds of legends under assumed identities, most notably of these the Arthurian tales during which he ruled England, found the New World, the tales of Beowulf, the siege of Troy, the sacking of Rome, the building of the pyramids, the list goes on....

Brendan Gleeson has also defied the laws of physics and discovered magic in order to play Mad Eye Moody in the Harry Potter series. He did this through careful meditation and basically disregarding everything ever written about Physics

In recent years he has turned his hand to acting and using his experience has delivered some of the greatest on screen performances since he created the cinema. Why has he never won an oscar then I hear the sceptics ask. I'll tell you why. Gleesons performances have been so spell binding and awesome that to even be thought of entering him in the Oscars would be an insult. He has however won several SOscars (Secret Oscars). The SOscars are given to a select few actors/actresses whose performances are so awesome that even a million Oscars could not be enough, Brendan Gleeson has won a SOscar every year he has been in a film.

Five Facts You Didn't know About Brendan Gleeson

1) A meteorite did not wipe out the dinosaurs, Gleeson did. Upon seeing that primitive man was being kille by the dinosaurs he proceeded to wipe out every last one of them, not even bothering to discriminate between carnivore and herbivore.

2) Rome WAS built in a day by Brendan Gleeson. Not only did he build it but he destroyed it with the barbarians when he felt that the Romans were getting out of hand

3) Gleeson killed the only dragon there ever was after the dragon killed his woman. Nobody messes with Gleeson's women

4) The legend of Prometheus giving fire to the first humans is based on Gleeson providing the first man with fire

5) Brendan Gleeson is what Willis is actually talking about

The Future

So what does the future hold for such a man? There are prophecies of a man who will bring the apocalypse to this planet, and others still that prophesise of a man who will deliver us all from ruin. This man of course is Brendan Gleeson.

However it is impossible to predict what a man so awesome could possibly do next, but one thing is for certain, that from now until the end of time Brendan Gleeson will continue to be awesome and inspire awesomeness wherever he goes