Widely considered one of the most common poisons in mankind's addiction chain, it isn't entirely understood why.

The work day is a bitch, smooth it over with booze.

Just The Facts

  1. It is often considered an addiction or disease.
  2. It is possible that Alcoholism may be genetic which means, yes, you can blame it on your parents.
  3. It is more likely to occur in men, but women are more likely to hide it.

The Temptations

No, I'm not talking about that singing group.

Yeah these guys would ruin your life.

Yeah, these guys would ruin your life.

There are groups of people who fall under the category of likely Alcoholics, these people are those who ventured into the land of drinks more often than not, for these reasons:

  1. Tarnished Childhood

  2. Angst towards life

  3. Depressed

While these aren't all the causes for Alcoholism, it is a chief factor that when one's life is collapsing at its fringes; why not drink it off?

The Beginning

The Beginning

It all starts with that first drink and the need to cleanse your life of that overwhelming emotion. At least for most anyway. Some people just partied to hard and fucked their whole lives up after a spree of speed shots.

Laugh it up boy. You'll feel it when your thirty.

Laugh it up boy. You'll feel it when you're thirty.

The drink fuels the alcoholic, but why?

Well because the initial pleasure and slight comforting the alcoholic receives from the bottle or can is hunted for like a drug.

Imagine your entire life a sea of pity and suddenly, on the horizon, a ship of hope rides the current towards you. You quickly construct any form of fire, raft, or structure to get to the ship. It is your salvation and its name: Jack Daniels.



The time the Alcoholic likely remembers from the beginning was the Hunt. The Hunt is the quest for booze, beer, wine, and whiskey. What all this really boils down to is the acquisition of the substance they crave the most and its affect on them.

They will end up stealing it, selling for it, doing anything to get the few seconds of solitude and comfort in a hell that by now they've placed themselves in.

Which leads us to...

Recognition and Recovery

Salvation has a new name.

Salvation has a new name.

Alright, this will sound weird, but hear me out. It is not at all a good Idea to cut cold turkey when drinking or even will yourself to stop. While that may seem like a good idea, it's not.


Sudden separation from a substance and release your body has grown so used to is nearly deadly in any case and even more so under the consideration that the Alcoholics reason for drinking in the first place was likely in the interest of sustaining his/her own life. Or suppressing memories from the pony they never got.



The best chance at recovery is simply the old fashioned way. Force. Being in a group of other alcoholics for days and sharing stories of your painful stand in society as you fought your way glass and can through it has literally been proven the most effective way of recovering.