Bananahead Man

Let me start off with an image. It's simple enough. A strange man doing strange things. Completely inexplainable.

Enough said.

To Google, or not to Google.

So, I'm going to make a bet that the first thing you asked yourself (of course, after the obvious questions of 'who is this lunatic and why is he wearing a bunch of bananas for a hat?') was, 'Why, I wonder. What is this strange man saying?'
I set out on a journey to find the answer to this question. An answer to all questions concerning Bananahead man.

The first thing I tried, admittedly, was to google a bunch of terms revolving around bananahead (as the internet community knows him by).
My first attempt was bananahead gif. Simple, blunt, straight to the point. Of course Google would find me some information on this elusive character?

The top 3 results were:
-Bananahead (GIF animation)
- bananahead.gif picture by YumeHokuto - Photobucket
- bananahead.gif picture by jwhite5726 - Photobucket

Frustrated, I scrolled down the list, clicking link after link until I had to face the conclusion that, at least for now, google had failed me. The links all led me to the image itself, or various blogs with the image displayed on it (whether relevant or not).
So, I thought to myself, it looked like I needed to make my search more specific. Slowly, very nervously, I typed in the words what is banana head gif saying?
I hit enter.

Well. Needless to say, with results like these I was a little worried:
MOB (mother of bananahead) « Getting Past Your Past, Would a Top Banana Run Around Like a Chicken With Its Head Cut Off?, and Libido GIF! [Archive] - EmuAsylum were just a few of the results. I decided I needed to try a few differents searches.
After typing in phrases such as Who is the bananahead gif?, man with bananas on his head (which suprisingly brought up a lot of links to japanese men, most of which I did not have the guts to click), and bananahead explained; none of which helped.
Resting my face on my palm, I decided I'd need help with the task of finding out who the bananahead man is, or was, and Google just wasn't going to give me that help. Slowly and reluctantly I typed the adress of an online community in the adress bar:

The answer to bananahead man?

After finding my very old account name and password, I was prompted to ask my question. I typed: Who is the Bananahead man gif? and clicked the blue, rectangular 'ask question' button. I was then asked for more details.
I thought for a minute. The best way to get help from people on the yahoo forums would be to ask politely for their help, and thank them for their time. After all, isn't that how all people like being asked a question, whether they dwell on the internet or not?

I am researching for a blog.
Any information would make me the happiest person alive.
Thankyou for your time."

Yes, that would do nicely. I pressed the large Continue button and proceeded. After deciding what category I would put it in, I waited.

And waited.

Still I waited some more.

An hour and a half later and there was still no responses. So I moved right here to
I asked, and then waited.
Finally, I was about to give up hope when I dared to refresh the page one last time. There was a reply. Is this a serious post? It's Freddy Mercury.


And I call myself a Queen fan? Surely this statement could not be true? Fearing the worst, I quickly googled Freddie Mercury banana hat.

Queen of the Internet.

The page filled with links. Hesitantly, I clicked the first link on the list. It looked promising: Freddie Mercury banana hat | Best Funny Animated Gifs Updated

There he was. Bananahead man.
Curious, I did some more poking around. I did, after all, want to know what Bananahead man (who shall now be known as his real name, Freddie Mercury) was saying. I clicked on the one youtube link displayed on the page.


This video did not explain the banana hat. I hit search on youtube for 'Freddie Mercury banana hat', just hoping that I would find something, anything. I was so close…

Freddie Mercury.


Here it was.

From the last man I expected it to come from.
And of course, what he was SINGING was:

I think I'm a banana tree.

Indeed, Freddie. Indeed.
Now, if you'll excuse me, I beleieve that I myself have gone slightly mad in this persuit of truth.
Though, I will now have one less mystery in the world to contemplate as I fall asleep tonight…