Pokemon Game

The Pokemon games, started in 1996, is an RPG franchise where you try to train your Pokemon to the best of your ability. This game can and will give seizures to people. Watch out.

Just The Facts

  1. There are currently 37 Pokemon games
  2. Exactly 7 are good
  3. Third generation games and onward suck, mainly because they suck.

The GOOD games (1996-2000)

The Pokemon franchise is based around finding, capturing, and training different Pokemon all with unique abilities and moves. Obviously some were better than others. For instance, this one motherfucker, Magikarp, couldn't do shit, but there was this other Pokemon, Blastoise, had fucking cannons coming out of its back, like a boss!

Perhaps because it was before gaming became availible for everyone, but the first and second generation Pokemon games were like a mix of heroin and cocaine in audio and visual format. They were like sucking Chuck Norris' balls, good for everyone.There were 150 Pokemon, but because Nintendo were such smart people assholes, they decided to release two versions, each with their own different subtle changes and Pokemon to make more money be assholes. The franchise started off in 1996 with Pokemon Green, which was a huge failure, but bounced back quickly with Pokemon Red and Blue, which although more of a broken game then fucking anything ever, were a huge success. This was quickly followed up by with Pokemon Yellow, which had the hardest first "boss" fight ever.

In 1999 and 2000 released Pokemon Gold, Silver, and Crystal, and a new set of 100 Pokemon to capture. The game made crazy amount of money because it was both highly anticipated after RBY days and were so amazing, unlike...

The AWFUL games (2001-present)

Every Pokemon game made after this date pretty much sucked huge, herpes-infested dick, but still managed rape the shit out of the economy and make millions of dollars in both the games themselves and accessories (like Link Cables to trade and other shitty products).

What to do if you have never played a Pokemon game.

What the fuck? Have you been living under a rock? How can you not of played a Pokemon game?

Getting an original game might be difficult, but inexpensive. You can buy them used for about 2-5 bucks, and a gamboy colour for less than one night with your mother (20 dollars).