Marisa Tomei

Marisa Tomei is an Oscar-winning actress, famous for her role in My Cousin Vinny. Her career can be summarized using the following equation;

Known in maths as the 'Rene Russo' equation

Just The Facts

  1. Won the Best Supporting Actress Oscar for her role in My Cousin Vinny - controversially beating Judy Davis for Husbands and Wives. She has subsequently repaid the Academy with naked.
  2. Made the movie Alfie watchable. Barely.
  3. Didn't get along at all with Mickey Rourke during The Wrestler. She dealt with the feud by taking off her clothes a lot.

Selected filmography (just stuff that displays her, er, talents)

Untamed Heart

untamed heart

We'd be smiling too, with boob/arm action like that

Starring alongside Christian Slater, Tomei goes topless in a valiant effort to save this shitstorm from total banality. Her efforts proved worthy. Just.


loverboy image

Also starring Kevin Bacon's penis

Directed by Kevin Bacon, the plot of the film involves Marisa Tomei competing in a nudity war with Mrs. Kevin Bacon, Kyra Sedgewick. Tomei wins because the words Kyra Sedgewick and naked cause blackouts.


Alcohol - allowing men to look at breasts since 35BC

Based on the writings of legendary alcoholic and part time writer Charles Bukowski, this film is a serious literary... er... okay, we skipped the bits with Matt Dillon. Marisa Tomei's boobs play a supporting role - a boner suppporting role that is.

Before The Devil Knows You're Dead

You won't need to watch this far, boobs happen in the first scene

In the first scene Marisa Tomei is getting tapped like a keg at a college mixer. This is as far as we got.

WARNING! The scene contains dangerous amounts of Philip Seymour Hoffman's sweaty, pasty, overweight naked form. Avoid if squemish.

The Wrestler

What else could that guy possibly be looking at?

Something about a wrestler. Marisa Tomei saves Mickey Rourke's career with copious boob, nipple, and crotch close-ups. Boy, that gal is a trooper. So giving. Boner giving.