Christopher Nolan

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Nolan: Origins

Christopher Nolan was born in London in 1970, and immediately began casting doubt on everything.

By the time he was a day old, they weren't even sure if it was the same baby from the day before, or just a really similar looking baby. Then one baby stole his parents hearts and pinned it squarely on the other baby.

Cinema of the Dark

Following - A highly noirish black-and-white movie, which Nolan was not able to film all at once due to his low budget. However, he cleverly used this to his advantage, since the story hinged on seeing different time periods, and the result is a very impressive story about innocence, guilt, and loneliness. Is it the perfect crime, or the imperfect crime? It all depends whose perspective you look at it from, and of course, whether what we saw is what really happened. After all, the protagonist may not be the world's most reliable narrator when you get right down to it. We have no idea how much of what we see is reality and how much might be a story he wrote for himself to make it easier to face his own existence.

Memento - Some movies wait until the end to reveal a scene from the beginning, which reframes everything we have just seen. Nolan got ambitious with Memento, and made the entire movie work that way. The first scene is the end, and then we jump back and see what led to that scene...and then what led to that one...and so on. We slowly learn more about how Leonard got where he is, but it's not exactly clear to him how he got there. He can't remember what happened 15 minutes ago. It's lost. So we get to watch him struggle against what must surely be an impossible reality, unable to trust anyone for long, and maybe unable to trust himself.


Batman Begins

Dark Knight